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Offering Relaxing Massage For Ladies and Gentleman in Oklahoma City. Come enjoy some relaxation and restoration of your mind and body today

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About Me

Hello, I'm Rynel and I want to help you relax and feel your very best I offer Full-Body Massage to help relieve stress, relax your muscles and your mind.

  • Attention To Detail

  • Come Relax I Know What You Need

  • Offering Quality Massage Services

I don't offer the same old massage, I care about helping you relax, rejuvenate, and forget about your stressful day. A mini-vacation right here in town.

Caring Hands, Refreshing Smile, Warm Massage Table, Fragrance Free Organic Massage Oil. Hard Bone on Soft Flesh, Soft Flesh on Hard Bone is amazing.

Warm flowing strokes, soft lights, relaxing music, a safe, clean, discrete private in-call location.

updated 11/20/2023

Years Of Experience

Hours Of Hands On Experience
updated 11/20/2023

Massage Provider

Massage Service Benefits

Businessman / Woman Friendly

Whether you live local or just traveling through I understand the need for discretion and professionalism. I am here to help you relax and be more productive.

Relax and Enjoy

We all have so much we try to complete each day for work and family. Take a few minutes for yourself and your own well-being.

Need for Touch is in our DNA

We all need to be touched in some way. We don't always get the touch we need at home, so allow me to offer this much needed essential service for your quality of life.


Your privacy and safety is a high priorty. No flashing neon "Massage Signs". Discrete commercial location.

Day and Early Evening Hours

I work mid morning to early evenings. Text me and let's set up a session and give you a break from life for a moment.


Varied schedule to help meet your booking need. I work 7 days per week most weeks to help find a time to help you relax.


Although most of my cleints prefer anonymity I am always thankful for testimonials and referrals.

Amazing session. Rynel is very real


Where has you been? Best session I've had in a long time.


Enjoyed my massage so much. Glad I was able to make it in. See you soon

Tom E.

Beautiful and peaceful. Made me feel comfortable right away. Lovely lady


Rynel has such soft, warm and caring hands. She really pays attention to your needs. Beautiful spirit, sexy and fun.


A quick trip through town ended with an amazing massage with this angel. Rynel was professional and so lovely to get to know. I can't wait for my next trip to OKC.


Such a sweetheart. Felt comfortable right away and really enjoyed Rynels touch. I think I found my new regular.


This is the first time even getting this type of massage. I am so glad I made the appointment. I have never had such an awesome massage in my life. Nice clean studio, descreet location and no flashing "massage" signs. Thank you soooooo much. :~D


You're a very nice woman thank you so much for being so genuine. I have used Tryst a few times and you made me feel important and wanted.


WOW WOW WOW I have never experienced such an amazing massage. I have had a lot of massages over the years and I've never had a woman give me that kind of session. All I can say is Ms. Kitty is very happy. I'll be back very soon.

Linda B

Wished I found you sooner you are a real treat. So relaxed and feeling like a million dollars now.


My 4 handed session with Rynel and her Guy was simply out of this world. They both have an amazing touch and work together very well. I am more than pleased.


Just had my 2nd massage from this beautiful lady this afternoon and I really do enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and Rynel's amazing touch.


I thoroughly enjoyed my massage. I have gotten a few sensual massages but only from men and they sometimes rush to the "fun" part before giving a good massage. I was surprised by how wonderful I felt before she got to really the bliss began. She does enjoy pleasing a women.


Relaxing and very therapeutic. I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time.


A beautiful, real, caring woman. The session was great, Rynel's hands are spectacular. I'll be a regular for sure.


I love the touch of a womans hands. Even more so when the woman loves to touch another. We connected so well and our time seem to drift beautifully forever. I didn't want it to end but you know, kids, husbands, and the real world. I daydream about all the time now. I need to rebook soon.


Sexy AF! Great hands, made me... ummmmmm well let's just say I'll be back soon.


Rynel is so real and doesn't upsell or try to talk more money out of your pocket. She offers a wonderful massage. You must must must try a sessions.


Fun, sexy, relaxing and so much more. Really had an amazing sessions today.


Wonderfully clean studio. Rynel was very nice and gave the best massage I have ever had. Thank you so much.


Rynel is a beauty. She's easy going and just an awesome lady. I have been in a few times to see her and she is friendly and real every time.


A must see!


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Safe and Secure 🔒

Just Decorations 😉

Time To Relax 😴

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions and answers about my Massage Services.

  • 1: What type of massages do you offer?

    I offer almost all modalities of massage from swedish (soft relaxing) to deep tissue (sports massage). I don't do "one size fits all" massages for my clients, I customize each session for what my client needs at that time. If you need to simply get-away from a stressful day I'm ready to relieve your stress and tension.

    I offer massage services for both Men and Women.

    Massage Prices: See FAQ #3

    For add-on services please see FAQ #4

  • Many different types of aches and pains can be reduced and/or eliminated. Deep Tissue massage, Pin and Stretch (Active Release/Assisted Stretching), Hot Stones, as well as different massaging tools can help facilitate a reduction in pain and in many cases eliminate pain altogether.

    There are many different types of common repetitive movement injuries that proper bodywork / massage can help with.

    Massage therapy serves to provide the recipient with relief from muscular tension and temporary relaxation. These services should not be used instead of professional exams, diagnosis or treatment from a doctor.

    Massage Prices: See FAQ #3

    For add-on services please see FAQ #4

  • Please look over all my services, prices, and hours before contacting me.

    All my services and prices can be found here.

    For add-on services please see FAQ #4

  • Hot Stone Massage
    Promote blood circulation, Promotes lymphatic drainage, Relieves tension from muscles. Deeper muscle relaxation. $25+

    Localized Lymphatic drainage and massage. Better blood flow for smoother skin. $25+. I offer this as an "add-on" to any massage service as well as a stand alone session. Stand alone session takes about 15-20 minites and is recommended to get this regularly for best results

    4 Handed Couples Massage:
    Please see FAQ #11 for more information on my and massage partners very unique Couples Massage.

  • Yes, of course, you can request that I don't touch your feet or an other part of your body. When you are on my massage table the whole session is about you and your needs. I am a facilitator of pleasure so if you choose not to have one or more areas of your body touched please just let me know at the start of your session.

  • Yes, my business is based on trust and discretion. I don't tell anyone who comes and goes, nor do I share any information about the type of massage my clients come to enjoy.

  • In my private studio I run 14 commercial grade HEPA air purifiers 24/7. I UV sanitize all equipment such as Stones used for Hot Stone Massage. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with industrial sanitizing spray and wiped down with antibacterial wipes. Sheets, towels, and face cradle covers are washed in 130+ degree water with sanitizing soap after each and every session.

  • I work 7 days per week (most weeks) my most available times are mid mornings, early afternoons, and early evenings.

    Monday - Thursday 9:00am (start time) - 7:30pm (end time)
    Friday 9:00am (start time) - 4:00pm (end time)
    Saturday/Sunday 10:00am (start time) - 2:00pm (end time)

    I do make acceptions to the above hours, please contact me for more information.

    Evening appointments and weekends fill up more quickly and in advance than my daytime sessions. I rarely have same day sessions, please book in advance.

  • For my personal safety I will always have security (in room or close by) except for regular clients. All clients must be well vetted (No Burner Phone #'s or Fake Names). See FAQ #6 on my privacy policy for your peace of mind.

    Female Outcall Sessions start at $300.

    Male Outcall Sessions start at $600.

  • Yes, I sure do. Maybe you are in town alone and just need someone to talk to? We can enjoy a nice dinner with good conversation. We all get lonely and sometimes just need someone to talk to that truly cares and enjoys a good conversation and a few laughs. This is a non-sexual rendezvous. This is a very casual friendly meet up. Sometimes short notice is available, must meet in public only. No hotels or homes. $100/Hour with a 2 hour minimum. At the end of our meet-up if you'd like to add a massage (at my studio) this can be included at my regular session rates and based on my availability.

  • Very unique couples massage available starting @ $350/650 - Incall/Outcall.

    A typical couples massage has two massage tables across the room from your special someone with two massage therapists working individually on their individual client. It's not very romantic because you can't touch each other as you're across the room and you have two total strangers giving you a very clinical massage.

    My couples massages are done with my very sexy male massage partner in one of two different ways and it is up to you how you and your significant other want to do it.

    The first option: We start with one client on the table and get them nice and warmed up (4 handed), that clients partner can lend a hand and help facilitate relaxation as well as much touching as they want. After about 45-60 minutes of pure pleasure and attention we have the other person switch places on the table and then they get all the attention and enjoyment.

    There are no rules as far as engagement between the two clients, we work around you, you two can engage in as little or as much fun as you see fit.

    The second option: We do the massage for both people at the same time. When doing a couples massage together we have both clients lay down side by side on a double sized massage bed. During the massage you're both close enough to touch, similar to normal couples massage except the tables/bed are together and we work around you. This allows you both to indulge in whatever pleasure you seek with each other. Clients can touch, kiss, or do whatever they want during their session. There is absolutely nothing off limits between the two clients.

    It is definitely different from a typical clinical couples massage where you may be able to see your partner across the room but there's very little interaction and of course all you're there for is a massage.

    Our Couples massage is very unique and never are two sessions the same. The time on the table is about the client and we will do pretty much whatever we need to do to make sure the experience is exciting and exactly what you're looking for. We do a fair amount of couples massages, most do them back to back like the first option above. Feedback we have gotten from couples is they love that they can touch, kiss, and talk. Always relaxing, arousing, and fun. Couple Incall Sessions $350+ depending on what services are wanted. The cost can be more for additional services or time.

  • Here is what it means to me:

    The sensual/Tantric massage I offer ranges from an intimate and connecting flow all the way to a thoroughly erotic session depending on the mindset of the client. It begins as a Swedish-style massage to relax you and get you used to my touch before slowly increasing sensuality with lingering touches, long deliberate strokes using my hands, arms, and some body-to-body contact but not Full Nuru (naked full body to body)
    I Don't offer Nuru sessions.

    I've been told that it feels like an extension of a normal massage but without focusing as much on deep tissue work which is more physically therapeutic than emotionally arousing, you can simply relax and enjoy the pleasure of my skin against yours. By providing my client with a non-judgmental, honest, open environment where it is OK to feel arousal so you can simply relax and just enjoy your time on my massage table.

    A sensual / Tantric massage session is probably one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can have outside of their own personal relationships. Enabling both the body and mind to relax in a way that a regular massage cannot. By reducing tension and stress or any anxiety of the body, the mind regains its calm. As the body becomes more sensually aroused, the sensory messages transmitting from the skin and erogenous areas reaffirm to the mind that you are safe. A sensual / Tantric massage is not a sexual act or necessarily done to bring a client to an orgasm (almost always does) it connects the mind to what your body is craving and allows you to get a deeper understanding of your own desires.


Please contact me via text only (link below). I only book very text. I will respond as quickly as possible.


Address given after session confirmation